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eHLbc Renews the Core Suite for Four Years

April 7, 2022

600,000 BC and Yukon students, researchers, and health practitioners have continued access to over 745 thousand journals, ebooks, videos, and point-of-care tools thanks to eHLbc.

The consortium has renewed the Core Suite, a multi-vendor bundle of critical electronic health resources, for another four years. The next iteration of the Core Suite will provide members with continuity of access and stable pricing for the 2022-2026 license term.

This renewal is truly a cause for celebration. It demonstrates how cooperation around achieving a shared goal yields incredible benefits for all involved. By licensing the Core Suite as a collective group, health and post-secondary sectors will save close to 3 million dollars in costs per year, and the citizens of BC and the Yukon have the assurance that their health practitioners - present and future - have access to high quality health resources.

Thank you to all eHLbc member organizations for their work on the Core Suite renewal. We acknowledge the time and effort folks have taken to provide input, review information, and participate in Question & Answer sessions. It’s evident that members continue to see strong value in a collaborative approach to licensing.