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eBox and Ranking Survey

New Product Selection Process

The eHLbc Electronic Suggestion Box (eBox) and Ranking Survey allow member organizations to nominate and rank products they feel should be considered for licensing by the consortium. The eHLbc Admin Centre supports the product selection process, but it is ultimately members who nominate and evaluate products for consortial licensing consideration. This process is typically undertaken every two years.


The eHLbc Electronic Suggestion Box (eBox) allows member organizations to suggest new products to be considered for licensing by the consortium.  

Nominated Products

All eHLbc members may nominate new products to investigate for consortial licensing using the eBox. Nominations that meet the criteria will be compiled for an upcoming Ranking Survey and voted upon by eHLbc members.

Ranking Survey

Member organizations are asked to vote for their desired choices among the products nominated in the eBox. The results of the Ranking Survey establish eHLbc's acquisition priorities.

Ranking Survey Reports

To view older Ranking Survey Reports, please contact the eHLbc Administrative Centre.